How do I clean polyurethane foam off tooling?

Answer Applying Polyurethane CleanserPurchase polyurethane foam cleanser from any hardware or DIY store. Apply the cleanser to the tool while the foam is soft. Shake the can, and apply it on the tool dire... Read More »

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How do I clean sofas made from polyurethane foam?

Cleaning Polyurethane SofasRemove any upholstery covers from the sofa. Vacuum the surface of the cushions with the upholstery brush attachment. Spray the foam surface with fabric cleaner. Use sweep... Read More »

How do I clean fabric made with polyurethane foam?

Vacuum the FabricVacuum the polyurethane foam to remove dirt and other debris from it.Spray Fabric CleanerPlace the fabric into a bath tub or on a flat surface outside. Spray fabric cleaner evenly ... Read More »

How do i use polyurethane foam?

Use polyurethane foam to insulate or fill cracks in houses, sheds, walls, windows, doors, patio coverings, cement, sidewalks or garages. Buy polyurethane foam in a spray can from a hardware store. ... Read More »

How do i cut polyurethane foam?

Thin FoamCut thin polyurethane foam with a sharp scissors. Draw an outline of the shape you want with a marker. Pick up the foam and cut along the lines with a scissors. If you can compress the are... Read More »