How do I clean play sand for an aquarium?

Answer Start With a BucketPlace two gallons of play sand in a five-gallon bucket and use a garden hose to fill the bucket to the top with water. Pour the top few inches of water (it will have collected a ... Read More »

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How to Put Sand in My Freshwater Aquarium?

Freshwater fish make relaxing pets that most everyone can enjoy. Make your freshwater aquarium a more natural habitat by using sand in the base. Some fish and most plants prefer sand in a freshwate... Read More »

What is the different between silica sand and play ground soft fall sand?

soft fall sand is filtered so that the particles are of a specific uniform size that is less dust and other materials

Can you use quikrete sand in an aquarium tank?

On One Hand: Quikrete is Used for Structural PurposesAccording to Aquarium, Quikrete can be used to create structural backgrounds in aquariums. Most commonly it is spread over Styrofoa... Read More »

Can you use aquarium sand with canister filters?

Aquarium sand can be used with a canister filter, but precautions should be taken to inhibit sand from entering the filter and damaging the magnetic impeller. Place intake tubes 1 to 3 inches above... Read More »