How do I clean my rims?

Answer Because you may have spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your rims, it's important to clean and maintain the rims to keep them looking new. Over time, brake dust and outside dirt can gat... Read More »

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How to Clean C5 Rims?

Every car enthusiast knows that the wheels that the vehicle sits on are extremely important to how a vehicle looks. This is even more true with a high performance car like the C5 (fifth generation)... Read More »

How to Clean BMW Rims?

A BMW can be a show car or an everyday vehicle. Keeping the car clean is important to maintain the look and prevent scratches. BMW rims are chrome, which can get damaged easily. Remove any debris o... Read More »

How to Clean Mag Rims?

Cleaning magnesium wheels can be as easy as a spray and wash or a real chore. It all depends on if you have coated or raw wheels. To find out, use a small amount of polish on an inconspicuous place... Read More »

How to Clean Wheel Rims?

Car or wheel rims attract dirt, brake dust and road grime. These materials can sit on your rims and, in addition to looking unattractive, can even corrode the metal. Regular washing won't always re... Read More »