How do I clean my dogs teeth?

Answer They actually make dog toothbrushes and toothpaste. Toothbrushes are for sale right at the front desk at my vet's office. Toothpaste for dogs is by a brand called CET and they make dog-friendly fla... Read More »

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Dogs & Baby Teeth?

Baby teeth in dogs are more properly called puppy teeth, milk teeth or deciduous teeth. Puppies are not born with teeth, although very rarely some are born with their incisors already showing, acco... Read More »

Why do dogs lose their teeth?

Tooth loss in puppyhood is a normal part of development. The puppy's "milk teeth" are replaced by adult teeth which, in theory, last a lifetime. But adult dogs often lose teeth due to disease, infe... Read More »

Do dogs have milk teeth?

According to Colorado State University, mammals have two sets of teeth: the milk teeth, also known as baby or deciduous, and a permanent set. Since dogs are mammals, they have milk teeth.Source:Co... Read More »

Do dogs have wisdom teeth?