How do I clean my dogs teeth?

Answer They actually make dog toothbrushes and toothpaste. Toothbrushes are for sale right at the front desk at my vet's office. Toothpaste for dogs is by a brand called CET and they make dog-friendly fla... Read More »

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When do dogs lose teeth?

Do dogs have wisdom teeth?

Why do dogs lose their teeth?

Tooth loss in puppyhood is a normal part of development. The puppy's "milk teeth" are replaced by adult teeth which, in theory, last a lifetime. But adult dogs often lose teeth due to disease, infe... Read More »

Do dogs have milk teeth?

According to Colorado State University, mammals have two sets of teeth: the milk teeth, also known as baby or deciduous, and a permanent set. Since dogs are mammals, they have milk teeth.Source:Co... Read More »