How do I clean motor oil from clothing?

Answer BlotLay the article of clothing over a flat surface such as a laundry table or the lid of a washing machine. Blot excess motor oil from the stain immediately using a white towel or dry paper towel.... Read More »

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How do I clean bad mold from clothing?

WashingGo outdoors and brush off any surface mold with a soft brush. Wash the item immediately with detergent and the warmest water that is acceptable for the fabric. Rinse the item, and dry it out... Read More »

How to Clean the Carburetor From a 2-Stroke Motor?

Carburetors that work with 2-stroke motors tend to become clogged with sludge and other debris. So, it is very important to clean these carburetors as often as possible. In this way, you keep the c... Read More »

How do I get motor oil out of clothing?

CornstarchBlot wet motor oil from the fabric with white paper towels. Avoid rubbing the stain; gently blot to get as much of the oil lifted as possible. Pour cornstarch or baking soda to completely... Read More »

How do I get motor oil stains out of clothing?

Remove the OilLay the garment flat so that the stain is facing up, and scrape away as much of the stain as possible with a plastic utensil if it has hardened; if the stain is fresh, blot up as much... Read More »