How do I clean greenware?

Answer Scrape the mold seams off of a dry piece of greenware very slowly. Apply a slightly damp sponge to the area after every scrape so you can see what you have done, and to smooth out the area.Scrape ... Read More »

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How do i fire greenware?

Handling GreenwareTouch the greenware to your cheek or wrist; when it is completely dry, it will not feel cold to the skin. Greenware is very delicate and needs to be handled with care.FiringPlace... Read More »

How do I make greenware?

Prepare MaterialsGreenware is a clay piece that has been dried but not yet fired, and most greenware is made from molded slip. Clean your mold thoroughly with compressed air, making sure no dust or... Read More »

How do you define greenware?

The term greenware has several definitions. It was originally used to describe a form of pottery. However, as concerns for the environment have increased over the years, greenware has taken on new ... Read More »

How do I fix broken greenware?

Fixing Broken GreenwareLay a thin bead of white all-purpose glue on the two sides to put back together. Put the pieces together, and gently move them until they are exactly where they are supposed ... Read More »