How do I clean grease from wood?

Answer Pour salt over the grease spill, and allow the salt five minutes to absorb the grease. Collect the salt by using a wet paper towel to push it into a dust pan. Throw the salt and paper towel away. R... Read More »

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Should I "grease my axe" before "splitting some wood" Sometimes it gets stuck.?

If you didn't mean what the poster above me thinks you mean, then I'll answer. You shouldn't use an axe to split wood. Once you have your cylindrical pieces of wood, you should use a cleave to spli... Read More »

How to Clean a Grease Gun?

Used to apply pressurized grease to mechanical components that require lubrication, grease guns are an essential tool in many workshops, particularly automotive garages. Though grease guns certainl... Read More »

How do I clean grease on a wall?

Combine one part water to one part vinegar in a bucket. Dip a clean sponge into the mixture. Wipe greasy area with the sponge, until stain is removed. Wipe the wet area with clean dry cloth.Source:... Read More »

How to Clean Silicone Grease?

Commonly used in automotive and bicycle applications, silicone grease is a highly resilient and long lasting lubricant. The staying power can make silicone grease difficult to clean. Effectively re... Read More »