How do I clean glass on a wood burning stove?

Answer Cleaning the Glass With AshesBall up a piece of newspaper and dampen it with water. Dip the damp newspaper into the bucket of ashes from your wood stove, then use the ashes to scrub the inside and ... Read More »

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How can you clean the soot off your wood burning stove and surrounding bricks?

Answer An easy way is to use a paint scraper. Any sharp edged object should be useful.It is important that you do this regularly...soot can actually catch fire if left to build up, and can therefo... Read More »

How do I clean Regency wood stove glass?

Clean the Stove Glass With VinegarRemove soot regularly by wiping the Regency wood stove glass with a damp handful of paper towels, best suited after the fireplace has cooled but is still warm to t... Read More »

How to Clean Wood Stove Glass Doors?

Many wood stoves are equipped with a traditional glass door insert, which allows you to view the fire and determine when you need to add fresh wood. The outside glass on the door requires occasiona... Read More »

Is Spruce Wood Good for a Wood-Burning Stove?

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