How do I clean fruit& veggies with white vinegar?

Answer Misting VegetablesMix 1 cup white vinegar with 3 cups water in a spray bottle. Shake well before each use. Mist fruits and vegetables that have a skin or rind with the white vinegar solution. Rinse... Read More »

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Will apple cider vinegar clean a copper penny better than white vinegar?

Either one will damage the surface and reduce its collector value to zero. If you must clean a coin that has any numismatic value, soak it in distilled water and soap (not detergent), then use a so... Read More »

How do you clean dishwasher with white vinegar?

Vinegar is acidic and will attack limescale. White vinegar is therefore useful to descale a kettle in hard water areas in preference to expensive chemicals. It is also less harmful should you drink... Read More »

How to Clean Grout With White Vinegar?

Vinegar has been used for over 10,000 years in cultures all around the world. Distilled white vinegar is commonly found in most American households. It has a myriad of uses from adding flavor and t... Read More »

How to Clean Hair With White Distilled Vinegar?

Making cleaning solutions at home has increased in popularity over recent years. In addition to traditional cleaning supplies, many people are starting to make natural health and beauty products as... Read More »