How do I clean flagstone sidewalks?

Answer Spray the flagstone walkway with a garden hose that has been fitted with a pressurized nozzle, or use a pressure washer set on a low setting, to remove all traces of stubborn dirt, mud and grime. A... Read More »

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How to Clean Flagstone Sidewalks?

Flagstone is a flat stone that has been used in both interior and exterior design since the 14th century. Compositionally, flagstone is considered a type of sandstone, which means it is at least 50... Read More »

How do I clean flagstone?

Cleaning Mild StainsSpray the flagstone area with a pressurized hose nozzle. Use a gentle setting to avoid damaging the flagstone. Scrub with a soft sponge dipped in soapy water if the stains do no... Read More »

How do I clean dried mortar off flagstone?

Small SpotsUse the sharp edge of a putty knife or chisel to chip off the mortar. Press the edge into the mortar horizontally, and gently tap the handle with a hammer. Do not push the chisel into th... Read More »

How can I get rid of weeds between sidewalks?

get some clear mildew resistant window caulk, that should do it.....make sure you clean out the cracks first.Or you can use buy concrete tubes that fit in a caulk gun... they geneerally use the stu... Read More »