How do I clean cubic zirconia earrings?

Answer Cubic zirconia, sometimes called Diamonique, looks very similar to diamonds and is one of the top competitors to diamonds in the jewelry market. It is the synthetic form of zirconium dioxide. Even ... Read More »

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How to Clean Cubic Zirconia?

Although they are not real diamonds, cubic zirconia stones possess many of the same traits of more valuable gems. While diamonds are usually harder, cubic zirconia stones rate nearly as high on the... Read More »

Can you use vinegar to clean cubic zirconia?

Cubic zirconia should be cleaned with either jewelry cleaner or mild soap and warm water. Never use vinegar to clean these stones, because the acidity can damage them. Chemicals such as chlorine, b... Read More »

Uses of Cubic Zirconia?

Cubic zirconia is a multi-use synthetic gem often used as a diamond substitute. It is especially popular because it is flawless and is often difficult to differentiate between it and actual diamond... Read More »

What is cubic zirconia made of?

Cubic zirconia is made of zirconium oxide that is produced in a laboratory as a diamond substitute. Although zirconium oxide is found in nature, it is very rare. The synthetic product was originall... Read More »