How do I clean concrete floors in a basement?

Answer Remove all loose dirt particles from your concrete basement floors with a dust mop or broom. Use a vacuum hose and thin attachment to pick up and dirt from corners, edges and cracks.Mix two or thre... Read More »

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Do all concrete basement floors crack?

Over time they may, but if it's a relatively new floor, it shouldn't.

How do I clean basement floors?

SweepingSweep or vacuum the basement floor. Make sure to pick up any dirt, dust or other debris before you wash the floor.Stain RemovalLook for stains and marks on the basement floor. Apply a small... Read More »

How do I clean a basement concrete floor?

Mix a Cleaning SolutionWork in small areas, from the interior of the room toward the exit. Cover an area of the concrete floor with a 2:1 mixture of powdered dish detergent and water.Scrub the Flo... Read More »

How do I clean concrete floors?

Outdoor ConcreteDust, sweep, or vacuum to remove any debris from the concrete floor. Try rinsing the floor with your garden hose. For stained areas work with a soft non-metallic brush to try and lo... Read More »