How do I clean commercial kitchen equipment?

Answer Big EquipmentDisassemble large pieces--such as blenders and slicers--at the end of the day and clean all parts. Slicers used for raw meat must be cleaned and sanitized with a solution of 10 percent... Read More »

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Does anyone know a commercial kitchen equipment manufacturer that makes Tortilla steamers for making burritos?

take a pan put it upsidedown on your stove and put anotherone on top of it heat it up then get a water mister and mist the tortilla downput it in there for 25 seconds and waalaa

What equipment do you need to make a t.v commercial?

I'm not a videographer, nor am I schooled in such matters, but this is my understanding, after having researched it for a while:For a simple commercial that uses only images, text and voice-over, y... Read More »

Commercial Playground Equipment Tools?

Commercial playground equipment requires a variety of common hand tools. Different manufacturers will make equipment designed for an assortment of tools, but the only special equipment is generally... Read More »

What is restaurant kitchen equipment?

The different types of restaurants found in the United States include fast food, casual dining, mid-scale and fine-dining establishments. All such restaurants use various types of kitchen equipment... Read More »