How do I clean cast iron wood cook stoves?

Answer Clean the StoveClean the stove, and remove any accessories that are inside. Use a wire brush to loosen any rust that's gathered on the stove's broad areas. Once the rust is loosened, clean the surf... Read More »

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Are potbelly stoves made of cast iron?

According to, pot belly stoves that were manufactured in the early 20th century are made of solid black cast iron. Valuable because of their age and rarity, potbelly stoves ... Read More »

How to Cook With a Cast Iron Roaster?

Your great-great grandmother probably considered her cast-iron roaster a prized possession. Pioneers found them indispensable because of their versatility. Cast iron's heavy-duty construction means... Read More »

Does any one still cook on a cast iron skillet?

Yes, my mom's got a baby #3, a #5, two #8s, a #10, a #12, and a #14 that she can't use in the house any more because it doesn't fit on the burner. She uses that one out on the BBQ. She got all of... Read More »

How do I cook in a cast-iron skillet?

Season Your SkilletCast-iron skillets cook best once they have been "seasoned." Before use, coat your skillet with grease (bacon grease, lard or solid shortening works well), then place it in a ove... Read More »