How do I clean car upholstery stains?

Answer CoffeeFor a wet stain, run cold tap water on a clean rag. Squeeze the rag out. Blot the rag on the stain to dilute. Spray dried coffee stains with glass cleaner until they are soaked. Leave for fiv... Read More »

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How to Clean Car Upholstery Stains?

Stained car seats can make your car look old and uninviting even if the exterior of your car is shiny and clean. Fortunately, most upholstery stains are the result of everyday accidents and are qui... Read More »

How do I clean stains from upholstery?

Blot StainBlot the stain as soon as possible, using a damp, white cloth. To prevent damage to the upholstery, use cool water rather than warm or hot. Don't allow spilled food or beverages to stay o... Read More »

How to Clean Urine Stains From Car Upholstery?

Maybe it was your dog. Maybe it was your baby. Whichever it was, now you have urine stains on your car's upholstery and maybe even the odor of the urine as well. If you get to work on it quickly... Read More »

How to Get Stains Out of Car Upholstery?

With busier lifestyles, more people use their cars as an extension of home. Meals are eaten, makeup is applied and work is done on the upholstered seats of vehicles everywhere. All of this activity... Read More »