How do I clean baby bottles with milk odor?

Answer Initial WashThoroughly rinse out any remaining milk remnants from the baby bottle tube with hot tap water. Separate the nipple collar and the nipple, and rinse thoroughly in hot water. Wash and rin... Read More »

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How do I clean old milk bottles?

Soak and CleanFill the sink with hot water and a drop or two of liquid dish soap. Add a cup of white vinegar to add extra shine to the bottles. Place the bottles in the sink, making sure they are c... Read More »

How do I clean sour milk odor out of a carpet?

Remove as much of the remaining milk residue as you can by soaking and scrubbing the carpet with a scrub brush.Soak several dish towels in white vinegar and lay them over the affected area for seve... Read More »

Can you use bleach to clean baby bottles?

no, never! Use hot soapy water then rinse them in warm water.

How to Knock Down Milk Bottles?

Milk bottles have been stacked and knocked down for generations in the classic party and carnival game. Sometimes bottles are weighted to make it more difficult to knock them over, but you can set ... Read More »