How do I clean and repair leather clothing?

Answer Leather offers the advantage of being a rugged material. It is difficult to make, but not so difficult to maintain when compared to clothing like silk, for instance. There are a wide variety of lea... Read More »

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How to Clean and Repair Leather and Suede?

Leather and suede are often used for furniture and clothing because they are soft and provide warmth. Both are made from animal skins, but leather is usually made from cowhide, while suede is often... Read More »

How many vegetarians/vegans to do you know who own leather shoes and or clothing?

I only wear human skin boots and have several human hair hats

The Best Leather Repair?

Leather is prized for its elegance and durability, be it on a sofa, a baseball glove or a horse saddle. But, accidents happen and leather can be stained or damaged like any other material. Good cle... Read More »

Car Leather Repair?

Whether slightly torn or simply worn, a flaw in your car's leather seats can be uncomfortable and annoying. There is a simple way to repair leather yourself, helping keep your vehicle tidy and savi... Read More »