How do I clean an air duct with a Rotobrush?

Answer PrepareGather materials, such as warm water, dish soap, detergent, a screwdriver, a dish cloth and a vacuum cleaner. Wear household gloves, a dust mask and old clothes.Clean the Air DuctFill the si... Read More »

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How to Clean a Car Air Duct?

You can thoroughly clean a car air duct using only a few common household items. Air ducts and vents often get covered with dust over time or may have liquids spilled into them. A interior of a car... Read More »

How do I clean a duct furnace?

DIY CleaningRemove the duct covers using a screwdriver, if required. Put on heavy rubber gloves and use a rag and a brush to clean inside the vent area, as far as you can reach. Extend a vacuum cle... Read More »

How do I clean a dryer air duct?

Find the Dryer VentFind the clothes dryer's exhaust vent. The vent is normally just outside the house or building where the dryer is housed, usually a foot or two off the ground.Unclog Any DebrisRe... Read More »

How do I clean an hvac duct?

Vacuuming and BrushingCover the floor and all furniture near the duct with plastic sheeting or something else to protect everything. Open up the air conditioning duct's access door. Vacuum out the ... Read More »