How do I clean an 880c print head?

Answer Windows InstructionsTurn on your HP 880C printer and supply the printer tray with paper. Open the HP Toolbox by double-clicking on the HP Toolbox icon located on your desktop. Click on "Start" then... Read More »

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How do i clean an ink jet print head?

Use the Head Cleaning UtilityClick "Start" in Windows XP. Then click "Start" and "Control Panel." In the Control Panel dialog box, double-click on the "Printers and Faxes" icon. When your printers ... Read More »

How do I clean a print head?

Printer SoftwareAccess the cleaning software that came with your printer. For PC users, go to the "Start" menu and navigate to the "Printers and Other Hardware" option. Then right click on your pri... Read More »

How do I clean an Epson print head?

Prepare PrinterCheck that the printer is powered on, and there is ink available for printing. If your ink is low or the cartridges are missing, these must be replaced before your Epson's automatic ... Read More »

How to a Clean a Clogged Print Head?

A common problem with ink jet printers is a clogged or dirty print head. A print head is the movable part of a printer that puts the ink onto the paper. The ink travels from the ink cartridge and d... Read More »