How do I clean a glass thermometer?

Answer Wash the glass thermometer with lukewarm water and soap.Dry the thermometer off with a soft towel. Place a drop or two or rubbing alcohol on a clean rag or paper towel and wipe the surface of the t... Read More »

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Is an electronic thermometer better than a glass thermometer for patients?

On One Hand: Glass Thermometers Are Reliable and Less ExpensiveGlass thermometers give accurate readings. They are also usually less expensive than digital thermometers, since glass thermometers ju... Read More »

How long does a glass thermometer take to read?

Hold the clean bulb end of a thermometer under the tongue for approximately three minutes before reading. For children younger than five, place in armpit and hold child's arm to his side. Wait thre... Read More »

Why does the bulb of a thermometer have the thinnest glass?

In a regular glass bulb thermometer, the long glass tube, or capillary, marked out with the temperature measurements is constructed of thicker glass than the small bulb at the bottom. To understand... Read More »

How long should a glass thermometer be left in the mouth for an accurate oral body temperature?

It can take anywhere from one to 12 minutes to accurately measure oral body temperature using a glass thermometer. Three-minute timing, which is common, can be inaccurate. To be sure, a glass therm... Read More »