How do I clean a dull old leather chair?

Answer GeneralWipe the entire chair with a soft cloth to remove dust and surface debris.GreaseCombat even the toughest grease spots with a little talcum power and some elbow grease. Sprinkle a little powd... Read More »

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How do I clean a leather chair?

Soak a terrycloth rag in warm water. Rub a bar of moisturizing soap into the rag and build a soapy lather. Clean leather surface with soapy rag. Clean the entire surface by wiping in a circular mot... Read More »

What can I use to clean& condition a leather chair?

Good quality leather furniture is expensive but it is also durable and resistant to most dirt and stains. Use the right cleaners and conditioners on your leather chairs and other furniture to devel... Read More »

The Best Ways to Clean a Leather Lounge Chair?

A leather lounge chair is an elegant addition to a room, but caring for leather furnishings can be a delicate process. While leather is a durable material, it is essential that the owner use the co... Read More »

How do I clean a leather couch& chair to freshen the smell?

Remove Mildew and MoldMix equal parts rubbing alcohol with water in a spray bottle. Shake well, then spray the couch and chair. Make sure the furniture is out of direct sunlight while the alcohol m... Read More »