How do I clean a duct vent?

Answer Why the Dryer Duct Vent Needs CleaningClean out your dryer vent with a wet/dry vacuum twice a year. Dryers throw out lint and dust each time the dryer is used. When this happens, most of it gets st... Read More »

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Is it okay if something goes down my air duct/vent?

It may find other friends, but unlikely. These items will probably get lonely and others should be sent down the vent to keep them company, from time to time. By the time anyone actually finds th... Read More »

Is it possible for a teenager to fit into and sneak around in a vent/air duct?

yes it is an some get stuck an ne3dd rescueing

How do you cover up vent covers in ceiling when no longer using that duct work?

ANSWER: Remove the vent cover and cut a piece of sheetrock 1/2 inch smaller on length and width than the opening. attach the sheetrock and use sheetrock mud to fill in the gaps. let dry and a secon... Read More »

Does the Ontario plumbing code allow a U loop in a vent line for a basement bathroom to get around a heating duct?

Answer No plumbing code allows a loop in a vent line. They must be pitched just like a drain line as there are many conditions where water can be in a vent line, such as rain through a roof vent a... Read More »