How do I clean a duct furnace?

Answer DIY CleaningRemove the duct covers using a screwdriver, if required. Put on heavy rubber gloves and use a rag and a brush to clean inside the vent area, as far as you can reach. Extend a vacuum cle... Read More »

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How do you repair a furnace duct that makes creaking noises when warm air flows through it?

Answer that noise is a lose damper that is on the collar that conects that duct to the plenum. that duct goes into a big box. right before it goes in there is a collar. it may be taped up so feel f... Read More »

How to Clean a Car Air Duct?

You can thoroughly clean a car air duct using only a few common household items. Air ducts and vents often get covered with dust over time or may have liquids spilled into them. A interior of a car... Read More »

How to Productively Clean an Air Duct?

The quality of the air inside your home can be directly affected by the cleanliness of the air ducts in your HVAC system. Hair, pollen, dust and dirt can get trapped in the HVAC system and distribu... Read More »

How to Clean an Indoor Air Duct?

Indoor air ducts need regular cleaning to ensure top performance and effectiveness. Unclean air ducts can harbor viruses, bacteria, and other germ potential, which can harm your health. Moreover, g... Read More »