How do I clean a drip coffee maker with white vinegar?

Answer Remove the coffee filter and pour 8 ounces of white vinegar into the drip coffee maker's water reservoir. Turn the coffee maker off after half of the vinegar has emptied into the coffee pot. Let th... Read More »

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How do I clean an automatic drip coffee maker?

Vinegar BrewPrepare a solution of distilled white vinegar and cold water. Depending upon the condition of your coffee maker or length of time between cleanings, you can adjust the strength of the v... Read More »

How to Clean a Norelco Coffee Maker With Vinegar?

Cleaning a well used Norelco coffee maker thoroughly with vinegar will make the appliance work better and the coffee taste fresher. Residual oils from coffee beans get deposited on the metal and pl... Read More »

Cleaning drip coffee maker?

The charcoal filter removes the chlorine from the water so the coffee tastes better, so leaving it in makes sense. You can always run clean water after the vinegar and water rinse. As for the charc... Read More »

Who invented the drip coffee maker?

The drip coffeemaker was invented in 1909 by a housewife in Dresden, Germany named Melitta Bentz. She created the drip coffeemaker by putting paper inside a tin can she punched with holes, filling ... Read More »