How do I clean a copy machine that uses toner cartridge?

Answer When people ask this question, it's usually because they've spilled a large amount of toner.Be advised that if you have spilled a large amount of toner, using the printer will cause melted toner to... Read More »

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Is copy machine toner toxic?

Copier toner is toxic. Although the effects are often negligible because of the minute amounts people come into contact with, should the toner ever be ingested there can be disastrous results. How... Read More »

How do i clean a toner cartridge drum?

RemovalRemove the drum by loosening the screws at both ends. Carefully pull the drum out and set it on a clean rag, piece of paper, or paper towel.CleaningWipe the drum using a clean rag moistened ... Read More »

Why do I get "Low Toner" message after installing a new toner cartridge?

I suspect that the toner cartridge, being a non-OEM cartridge, was either a remanufactured cartridge and not reset correctly when done or the printer is not recognizing it correctly. You might try ... Read More »

Is canon toner cartridge 315 and canon toner cartridge fx9 the same?

If you mean fully functioning, canon, as in gun... my dad had the smallest about 3 years ago. The entire canon sat on a quarter (with room to spare!) and used black powder.