How do I clean a clear plastic shower curtain?

Answer Place your clear plastic shower curtain in the washing machine, along with two or three thick towels. Add one cup of your regular detergent, along with one cup of white distilled vinegar. Fill the ... Read More »

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How to Use a Non-Plastic Fabric Shower Curtain?

A shower curtain provides a barrier that keeps water inside the tub or shower stall while showering, protecting the floor and contents of the bathroom from excess moisture. In addition to being uti... Read More »

How do I remove black mold from a plastic shower curtain?

Remove the CurtainPut on a pair of rubber gloves, safety glasses and even a dust mask if the mold is particularly heavy. Place the shower curtain in a trash bag, and take it outside.Make a Cleaner... Read More »

How do you clean a shower curtain?

Toss it in the washer with bleach and a couple of white towels. Wash it as you would any other laundry item. If it's plastic, you could tumble it in the drier but for no more than 10 minutes, and ... Read More »

Can you use amonia to clean a shower curtain?

A major industrial chemical, ammonia has a variety of uses, such as a household cleaner. Diluted ammonia can clean dirt, grime, mold and other common stains. It is safe for use on a variety of surf... Read More »