How do I clean Wearever cookware?

Answer Wash In Hot, Soapy WaterClean the cookware using hot water and dish soap. Since the pans are non-stick, you will most likely need to use a soft sponge or dish rag to wipe the food and grime away. R... Read More »

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Who makes Wearever cookware?

Groupe SEB manufactures Wearever cookware as well as a variety of other product brands, including Krups, AirBake and T-Fal. Headquartered in Ecully Cedex, France, Groupe SEB trades on the Euronext ... Read More »

How do I use anodized WearEver cookware?

Cook with Anodized WearEverHeat food in anodized WearEver cookware on a stove set to medium heat. Never use high heat with WearEver cookware. Test to see if the pan is hot by holding your hand over... Read More »

How do I clean All-Clad cookware?

Empty any leftover food or grease from the pan. Fill a sink with warm water, and submerge the All-Clad cookware.Add enough bleach-free powdered cleanser to the inside of the cookware to make a past... Read More »

How to Clean Silicone Cookware?

Full of attractive qualities, flexible, non-stick silicone cookware, such as cooking utensils, baking pans and molds, is a favorite of countless cooks. Not only can it withstand extreme temperature... Read More »