How do I chop down a tree with an axe?

Answer Make the UndercutMake an undercut into the side of the tree that is facing the direction you want to the tree to fall. The undercut should be a v-shaped notch with a 90-degree angle. Only cut a qua... Read More »

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How to Chop Down a Tree?

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How to Chop Down a Tree in RuneScape?

Woodcutting is an effective RuneScape skill that helps the firemaking and fletching skills as well. It's simple to chop down trees in RuneScape.

If You Chop Down a Tree, Will it Grow Back?

Plants, unlike most animals, have the ability to modify existing cells to take on a different structure or purpose -- a biological characteristic known as "differentiation." This characteristic of ... Read More »

What Is The Best Time Of Year To Chop Down A Tree?

I imagine the morning is the best time; I hear people talk about wood in the morning all the time.