How do I choose the tractor size for a small acreage?

Answer Use a riding mower with an 8 to 10 horsepower engine for acreage that is 1/2 acre or less, according to the Tractor Selection Chart at Acreage larger than 1/2 acre may require a sma... Read More »

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What size tractor should I buy for farming 80 acres?

According to Agri Engineers, a website for agricultural engineers, the formula for determining tractor requirements based on land size is 1 horsepower for every 2 hectares on land. Since 80 acres i... Read More »

What size tractor mower for 20 acres of grass?

To mow a large estate, such as 20 acres, you will need a garden or estate tractor mower with at least a 46-to-54-inch deck. A garden tractor has more weight, horsepower and accessories for large am... Read More »

What Is the Tire Size of a Ford Jubilee Tractor?

The Ford NAA "Golden Jubilee" tractor, originally made in 1953, requires a front tire size of 5.50-16--that is to say, 5.5 inches wide and 16 inches in diameter--and a rear tire size of 10-28.Refer... Read More »

How to Convert a USA Size Small Shirt to a European Size?

If you are ordering clothes from abroad -- or even selling them abroad -- you may need to make a few calculations and check the exact size of what you are buying or selling. There are basic convers... Read More »