How do I choose a laptop for home?

Answer Laptops are becoming a common replacement for the bulky and cumbersome desktop computer. A machine powerful enough to "do it all" used to need an entire exclusive piece of furniture to house all it... Read More »

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If you had 2 choose btween (a. a laptop or (b. an mp3 player and a digital camera which would u choose and y?

LAPTOPmost long lasting, and you would need one if you got a camera or mp3 player anyway so ... definately get one =]you lucky girl

Is it possible to install windows 7 home premium 64 bit in home basic 32 bit laptop?

U can easily install on your laptop but u must hav proper drivers for 64-bit window

Choose what laptop I should think about getting?

I think a MacBook Pro is probably the best.

What laptop would you choose?

If these were the only two options, than the 2.3GHz one. if u need more ram, u can easily add them, but u cant change CPU.but i would look for other alternates