How do I choose a hair transplant surgeon overseas?

Answer While travellling abroad be careful about the following 3 points-1. Is the doctor certified for strip technique- visit; if you are doing the FUE technique, check if he is a member of ... Read More »

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How to Pick a Facial Hair Transplant Surgeon?

Men who are unable to grow a beard or mustache may decide to get a facial hair transplant. The hair may not be growing evenly or fully because of genetics, injury or burns, or because of hair remov... Read More »

What is the salary range for a transplant surgeon?

Transplant surgeons specialize in organ transplants. The salary range reported by is $115,000 to $500,000, as of July 2010, with an average salary of $227,885. However, transplant s... Read More »

How to Choose a Cosmetic Surgeon in the UK?

There are many, many risks of plastic surgery such as scarring, infection, stitches breaking and the scar popping open etc. If you still want to have plastic surgery, here is how to pick a surgeon.

How to Choose a Cosmetic Surgeon?

If you have truly made up your mind to have cosmetic surgery, you owe it to yourself to find the best cosmetic surgeon possible. Not all surgeons are created equal. And not all surgeons specialize ... Read More »