How do I choose a drumstick?

Answer Determine the preferred music style to play with the drumsticks. According to, drummers should select thick sticks for harder playing in the rock and metal categories or choose thin ... Read More »

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How to Hold a Drumstick?

Before you walk you've got to crawl, and before you play drums you've got to hold the drumsticks properly. The grip you choose will affect how much power or control you'll have while performing, an... Read More »

How do I spin a drumstick?

The GripOK, so you want to spin your stick, but every time you try it the stick slips out and bangs your bassist on the head. You have to start small. Let's talk about the hand position. I like to ... Read More »

How to Twirl a Drumstick?

Twirling drumsticks is a good way to improve dexterity in your hands, and it also looks good in between songs.

How to Fix a Broken Drumstick?

Drumsticks are pretty rugged, as they are usually made of hard wood with either wooden or nylon tips. However, when you use drumsticks to hit drum rims and cymbals -- both of which are made of meta... Read More »