How do I check valve types?

Answer Valves come in many sizes, materials and gate apertures to control the flow of air, fluids and solids. Determining a valve types involves the valve's size, construction, rated capability (pressure,... Read More »

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Your plumber replaced your defective effluent pump without installing a check valve There is a lot of effluent coming back into the pump pit. Should you ask him to install a check valve or not?

EGR Valve Types?

Exhaust gas recirculation valves, better known as EGR valves, minimize your car engine's creation of nitrous oxide, which can be harmful to the environment. EGR valves play a crucial part in cuttin... Read More »

Heart Valve Types?

A normal, healthy human heart has four valves. The valves are found at the exits from the four heart chambers. While all the heart valves serve the same purpose--to ensure blood flows in only one d... Read More »

Types of Valve Seals?

A valve seal is a necessary part of most motors and mechanical equipment. In simple applications, such as attaching a hose to a gas tank, a valve seal provides a vacuum pressure to seal in the gaps... Read More »