How do I check the status of an FHA loan?

Answer Contact your lender and provide the loan officer with your Federal Housing Administration (FHA) case number. This number was assigned to your FHA loan application and given to you by the loan offic... Read More »

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How to Check on the Status of Direct Loan Student Loan Disbursements?

Student loans are the only income some students will receive the entire semester, while for others it is a great supplement to their income. When financial aid checks are disbursed, students line u... Read More »

How to Check the Status of My Government Refund Check?

When you owe the government money, the government will ensure that you are not slack in paying the debt. However, when the government owes you money, you have to take extra steps to request a refun... Read More »

How to Check on the Status of an IRS Tax Return?

Anyone waiting for a considerable tax refund check probably has plans for the money. The IRS has an online tool for tax refund tracking that is available to all who have filed a federal tax return.... Read More »

How to Check an IRS Return Status?

Every year, U.S. citizens are required to prepare and file their tax documents to the IRS. These documents help the government determine whether or not more taxes are still owed. Often, it is found... Read More »