How do I check the prism in a pair of progressive glasses?

Answer LensometerStart with right lens first. Place the glasses on the lens table of a lensometer, an optical lens verification machine, with the lenses facing you and the right lens against the lens stop... Read More »

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What is the name of the black-rimmed progressive glasses?

Horn-rimmed glasses are black-rimmed glasses that have been popular since the 1910s. The glasses are made from horn or tortoise shell, or from plastic materials made to look like either of those. A... Read More »

I need a pair of glasses before monday!?

No they have places which can make them in a couple of hours.Places like Lenscrafters, which is nationwide.

Which pair of Gunnar Gaming glasses would you recommend to buy?

GUNNAR Gaming Eyewear - PPK Onyx/Mercury Frame pretty cheap a couple weeks back and after some heavy use I'm happy with the purchase. They do a great job of cutting down eye strain on Tablets, PS V... Read More »

If you took a video/picture of something through a pair of glasses, would different people see differently?

Depends on the glasses power.1. If the glasses are [-] power, myopic (shortsighted) glasses, the image taken will be clear... for everyone...The reason ha..ha.. these days... you've forgotten that... Read More »