How do I check the moisture content in my refrigerator?

Answer A normal refrigerator should have a tightly controlled humidity environment, and should function well within a small range of moisture levels--normal levels caused by opening and closing the door. ... Read More »

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What is concrete moisture content?

When dry cement, which is called concrete after being mixed with sand and crushed rock, comes in contact with water, the water can often wick into the cement. Dry cement often has a moisture conten... Read More »

How to Measure the Moisture Content of Seeds?

The cells of all living things contain water, and plants are no different. A plant's seed is an embryo, or baby plant, sealed in a protective shell. One of the shell's jobs is to prevent the seed f... Read More »

What should the moisture content be to make furniture?

The acceptable moisture content for wood that is intended to be used in furniture making depends, in part, on where the furniture will be used. Furniture which will be used outdoors can be made fro... Read More »

What is the moisture content for concrete slab?

The moisture content for a cured concrete slab should be kept below 5 percent. The moisture content can be controlled by a vapor barrier and appropriate coarse aggregate under the concrete slab. Th... Read More »