How do I check my video card on a laptop?

Answer You video card is what allows your computer to send graphical information to your computer's monitor. It is a replaceable part of your computer, which controls the kinds of graphics you can see on ... Read More »

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What is a laptop video card used for?

The laptop video card (also known as the graphics card) provides graphic support to a laptop computer. This support enables picture to be displayed on the screen. The type of card determines the ... Read More »

How do i check what video card i have on windows xp?

Start > Run > Type in "dxdiag" > Ok that will give you almost everything you need to know.

How to Check My Video Card Compatibility With AGP?

Accelerated Graphics Port, or AGP, slots were initially engineered as a successor to the PCI slot, which quickly became unable to process the large data communications required by graphics cards. A... Read More »

How to Improve a Laptop Video Card?

If you want to play many recent PC games, a gaming-friendly video card is a requirement. Video cards provide the graphical horsepower necessary for you to play the game. If your current video card ... Read More »