How do I check my video card on a laptop?

Answer You video card is what allows your computer to send graphical information to your computer's monitor. It is a replaceable part of your computer, which controls the kinds of graphics you can see on ... Read More »

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How to Update a Laptop Video Card?

You can update your laptop's video card on your own. The operation may take some time, as the laptop computer will need to be partially disassembled to install the new video card. Investing the tim... Read More »

How to Improve a Laptop Video Card?

If you want to play many recent PC games, a gaming-friendly video card is a requirement. Video cards provide the graphical horsepower necessary for you to play the game. If your current video card ... Read More »

How to Check My Video Card Compatibility With AGP?

Accelerated Graphics Port, or AGP, slots were initially engineered as a successor to the PCI slot, which quickly became unable to process the large data communications required by graphics cards. A... Read More »

I want to upgrade my Video card in my laptop?