How do I check my Internet usage on my samsung galaxy mini 2 S6500?

Answer Thats the same phone I have, u like d conan too? Whaaaa! You like a me

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Will samsung galaxY s3 mini go cheaper if samsung galaxy s4 comes out?

I don't really understand why people get smart phones. If all you need is calling and text messaging, what can it do better than something that costs a fraction of the price and is a far smaller si... Read More »

Why is my data usage on my Samsung Galaxy S3 so high?

That looks about right because Google Play store has used the most data and you said that you've been downloading apps. It would be best to use wi-fi to download apps whenever possible to avoid usi... Read More »

Which is better Samsung Galaxy S2 or S3 Mini?

Here are the mere advantages of the S3 mini. It's a year and a half newer than the S2 and operates on androids latest platform, jelly bean. It has a slightly higher pixel density (sharper display) ... Read More »

LG L9 vs Samsung Galaxy s3 mini?

NEITHERThe Samsung Galaxy SII (2) is better than both these phone in EVERY SINGLE ASPECT. In the UK the SGS II cost less than the 3 MINIYou need to buy the SGS II this is the Dual Core version of t... Read More »