How do I check a claim on Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield?

Answer Contacting AnthemLocate the member services phone number, usually located on the back of your Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Card. If there is no number listed, go to the Anthem website (See ref... Read More »

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If someone has anthem blue cross blue shield through his or her current employer can that person be added to their spouse's insurance which is also anthem blue cross blue shield?

I'm not positive on this since my license was in Home Owner's and Auto Insurance, but I think the answer is yes. If you both have a separate health insurance policy through your jobs, then each of ... Read More »

Will your Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield cover unexpected hospital stays abroad?

Of course. That is what health insurance is for. It is primarily for unexpected hospital stays, but you still have to pay a percentage depending on the plan you choose.

Does blue cross blue shield pay to have your tubes tied?

Not unless it's medically necessary. That procedure, by itself, is elective and not covered by insurance because there is no illness or injury.

Does Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia PPO cover Gardasil immunization?

Answer What are the positives and the negatives of the primary source?