How do I charge a cell phone using laptops?

Answer Charger CableTo charge a cell phone using your laptop, you'll need a USB charger cable that may have been included in your cell phone starter kit. If it's not, you can purchase one at your local wi... Read More »

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Is there a way to charge a cell phone battery without the phone?

Yes. Some cell phone manufacturers and third-party accessory companies make separate battery chargers that are capable of charging a phone's battery without the battery being present in the phone i... Read More »

How do I fix a cell phone that won't charge?

Check the chargerA cell phone might not charge for several reasons. Check the charger versus another charger for the phone to determine if it's the charger and not the phone. If it's not the charge... Read More »

Why won't my cell phone charge?

It doesn't charge for blonde's. j/kTry a different outlet. Maybe it's not plugged in all the way.

How do I charge a cell phone with a USB?

Find the make and model of your cell phone. You can find this information by removing the battery from your cell phone or referring to the owner's manual that came with your cellular phone. Search ... Read More »