How do I charge a Kodak Easyshare M883?

Answer Charge with a ComputerTurn on your camera, then plug the Kodak adapter into the charging port on the bottom of the camera. Plug a USB cord into the Kodak adapter and plug the USB port into the comp... Read More »

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For how long does the Kodak M883 digital camera battery have to charge?

According to the product manual, the first time you charge the Kodak M883's battery, it should take three hours. If you've used the camera and fully discharged the battery, it could take up to 10 h... Read More »

Is there any other why to charge kodak easyshare m550?

Your camera came with a rechargeable battery KLIC-7006 & chargerWhy don't you remove the battery and place it into the charger?

How do I charge a Kodak Easyshare z760?

Remove the battery from your Z760 and place it in the battery charger that came included with the camera. The battery goes in the charger with the arrow pointing away from you. Once the battery is ... Read More »

My Kodak EasyShare Printer Dock Won't Charge?

Kodak EasyShare printer recharging docks offer a convenient place to recharge the batteries on your Kodak EasyShare camera. Owners report that in some instances, the docking station won't recharge ... Read More »