How do I change the quality settings on the igrabber to 720 using my mac?

Answer Sadly, iGrabber isn't compatible. I can say this just by looking at the product. There is no HDMI input/output, which means no HD video recording. You can probably find tuts on Youtube that will... Read More »

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How do you make your Blu Ray player full HD or 1080p After seeing 3 friends Blu Ray players having much better quality than mine some guidance is needed on how to change the settings THANX?

Burn the firmware to a CD-R then with power off press open, put cd in, press close and follow instructions.

How do the EQ settings on a stereo effect the sound quality ?

The effect will depend upon the size of the room, its acoustics, the nature of the amplified sound, and where the loudspeakers are in relation to the listener. The best thing to do is to start at t... Read More »

How to Improve the Quality of Downloaded Images in the Browser Settings?

Web browsers such as Microsoft's Internet Explorer have a default setting in which images are automatically resized in order to make for faster downloading of the webpage content. Unfortunately, th... Read More »

How to Use iGrabber for Windows?

Here is the abbreviated step-by-step process to install and configure the iGrabber. This tutorial is about how to use iGrabber in windows to Convert Home Videos or TV Show to Quality DVDs with a Pu... Read More »