How do I change the oil on a push mower?

Answer Tip your push mower on its side. Fit a crescent wrench on the square oil drain plug on the bottom of the engine's oil pan underneath the mower deck. Unscrew it counterclockwise until the plug comes... Read More »

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How to Change a Push Lawn Mower Spark Plug?

If you have a lawn mower powered by an internal combustion engine, you have a spark plug that ignites the mixture of gasoline and air to power the motor. Because a push lawn mower has a small engi... Read More »

What kind of oil is used in a push mower?

According to One Project Closer, the type of oil required for a push mower is typically listed in the owner's manual. When an owner's manual is not available, many of the 4-cycle push mowers are co... Read More »

Why is my push mower not getting fuel?

I see 2 possible problems:1. The intake manifold gasket is leaking,2. Most likely is the main jet in the carburetor is still obstructed. You have spark, and compression and air so it is a fuel prob... Read More »

How do I start a push mower?

Check both oil and gas levels. If the engine is cold, move the throttle control to "choke." This will open the throttle all the way and close the choke valve. Place one foot on the mower to keep it... Read More »