How do I change the language in Windows Media Player?

Answer Click on the "Play" menu, scroll the mouse to "Audio and Language Tracks", and then click on "Defaults"'. The Default Language Settings dialog box will pop up. Using the Audio language list, select... Read More »

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How to Change the AVI Language File in Windows Media?

Windows Media Player, the default audio and video player for all Windows PC computers, allows users to change the language of their AVI videos so long as there are other language tracks provided by... Read More »

How do I change from an MP3 to a WAV on Windows Media Player?

Open Windows Media Player. Select "File," click "Open" and double-click the MP3 file you wish to convert. Click on the "Stop" button to interrupt the file from playing.Select "Copy to CD or Device"... Read More »

How do I change AVI to Windows Media Player?

Place Files on DesktopMove your audio video interleave (avi) file to your desktop. It is the quickest way to access it so you can work with it later. You could leave it inside an application (such ... Read More »

How to Change a WMA to an MP3 on Windows Media Player?

WMA stands for "Windows Media Audio." This is the standard audio format for Windows Media Player. This format isn't always compatible with music players on your computer or with portable devices li... Read More »