How do I change the html so my quotes on tumblr aren't hidden?

Answer some themes have this 'locked' in. message the person you got the theme from and ask if there is a way to change it.My tumblr:

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I cant change the HTML on Tumblr?

Try Right Click with your Mouse If that Doesint work Maybe its The Browser Try Using a Different One If the Problem has Not been Resolved than its a Site Error With Tumblr they Will need to Fix it

How do you get a different font for your tumblr quotes?

Hey!Click on the link below and follow it by step by step.How to change Quote fonts:…How to change fonts:…Good lu... Read More »

Image help in HTML (tumblr)?

When you make a text post that includes images, you have to click the picture button and set the width in dimensions to whatever your column width is (which I think is 400 px from reading your code... Read More »

HTML coding for ask box on Tumblr?

You have to go on blog settings, and check the box that says Let people ask questions