How do I change the html so my quotes on tumblr aren't hidden?

Answer some themes have this 'locked' in. message the person you got the theme from and ask if there is a way to change it.My tumblr:

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I cant change the HTML on Tumblr?

Try Right Click with your Mouse If that Doesint work Maybe its The Browser Try Using a Different One If the Problem has Not been Resolved than its a Site Error With Tumblr they Will need to Fix it

How do you get a different font for your tumblr quotes?

Hey!Click on the link below and follow it by step by step.How to change Quote fonts:…How to change fonts:…Good lu... Read More »

How to Search HTML in Tumblr?

While Tumblr is designed so users with no HTML experience can use and enjoy all the features, users can also manage posts and their themes using an HTML editor. If you're trying to understand how a... Read More »

HTML coding for ask box on Tumblr?

You have to go on blog settings, and check the box that says Let people ask questions