How do I change the font of the entire computer?

Answer Right click on your desktop go to properties , select Appearance tab, then click on Advanced tab

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Setting the Font for an Entire Website?

Changing the font for each page of your website can be a cumbersome task. You can make it easier, though, by utilizing Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). This method requires just a single line of code ... Read More »

How to Change the Overall Default Computer Font for Windows XP?

Windows XP allows you to change the default font that is displayed in your windows, icons and other items that appear on your computer. You can access these settings through Display Properties in t... Read More »

Can you change the LED lights on the Antec fans (without having to change the entire fan itself)?

Yes it is possible to change them. You would have to de-solder the old led bulbs and then solder the new ones. It could be quite annoying to remove and re fit led bulbs if you're new to it. You wou... Read More »

A letter is drafted using Google transliterate/Tamil.How to change this Google font to any other Tamil font?

The letter drafted using the Google transliterate will be on unicode only.Google transliteration comes with four options (normal, normal/sherif , arial unicode MS, Latha) for Tamil transliterate .... Read More »