How do I change the batteries in a Swiffer?

Answer Open CompartmentTurn the Swiffer around so that the back is facing you. Find the tab that is part of the battery compartment. Push the tab and pull open the battery compartment. This will expose th... Read More »

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How to Put Batteries in the Swiffer Wet Floor Sweeper?

The wet Swiffer sweeper, the WetJet, is a floor mop and sweeper in one. The disposable pads on the bottom of the Swiffer are made to break up dirt and hold it inside the pad. Spraying the cleaning ... Read More »

How do I change a Swiffer duster?

Remove Used PadGrip the end of the used Swiffer pad farthest from the handle. Tug the pad to expose the two-pronged end of the Swiffer. Completely remove the pad from the plastic holder. Toss the d... Read More »

Swiffer or swiffer wet jet please help!!?

I'd use a swiffer wet jet. Then in between times use a regular swiffer. Crawlers pick up the smallest things.

How to Change Batteries in an RV?

RV batteries are vital even in RVs that do not have driving capabilities. The batteries in such a vehicle are used to provide lighting, power electrical outlets and keep appliances running. General... Read More »