How do I change resolution on comcast digital cable?

Answer If this is a Motorola HD box, turn the power to the box off and then hit menu on your remote. I can set my TV to stretch the picture from one source but not for another. Be sure when you switch to ... Read More »

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Do I always need a cable box for digital Comcast cable?

Since Congress approved the end of analog broadcasts, cable services such as Comcast only provide digital cable, which usually requires at least one digital conversion box in the household. Some o... Read More »

How to Set up Comcast Digital Cable?

Comcast is a national provider for digital cable, high speed Internet and phone service. The company provides the same stations you can find at most other programming services. If you are new to th... Read More »

How to Set Up Comcast Cable Digital Box Remotes to TVs?

Comcast is a popular cable television provider that uses a receiver box to bring in all of the programming to your TV set. The receiver includes a remote control you use to adjust the settings and ... Read More »

Can you split a Comcast digital cable line?

Comcast digital cable can be split by adding a digital cable splitter to your line. Attach the splitter to your main cable line, and run two separate coaxial cables from the splitter to your televi... Read More »