How do I change my user name as it appears on youtube?

Answer Hello,[Changing your username]Your username is set in stone when you create your account. If you want to change your username then you must make a new account but you can't use the same e-mail addr... Read More »

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Can I change my YouTube user name?

Yeah, so all you have to do is make a google account name and then replace your youtube name with your cool better google account name. Hope this helped!

How to Change Your YouTube User Name?

Changing your YouTube user name may at first seem impossible; there is no actual button or command on YouTube that lets you directly alter or edit a user name. To get around this, you can delete yo... Read More »

What is POP3 that appears and asking me for user name & password?

POP3 is a protocol used for e-mail. It's used when you remote login to a mail server. For example if you have Yahoo! mail and you want to view it in MS Outlook or Apple Mail, you can use the POP3 m... Read More »

Youtube ''an error has occurred, try again later'' SOMETIMES appears but works fine otherwise?

i know you said its not the internet ,but this issue mostly caused by unstable connection, anyway just try to reload the page.