How do I change my facebook photo?

Answer click the photo then go to the side above the comments where it says options and click it then click change profile picture :D

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Ow do I change my Facebook cover photo on my IPod?

Try updating the Facebook app. I have an iPhone and I am able to do it on there. If that doesn't work, go on 'Safari' and type in Facebook. Log on there and you should be able to change it on the S... Read More »

How do I change permission settings on Facebook for a photo I am tagged in?

you can only untag or just can report spam, thats it

How do I change my cover photo on facebook from my iPod?

In the right bottom corner of the timeline pic there is an edit kinda button. click on it and change the cover photo

Who do you change your cover photo with the new Facebook app?

got to cover photo in right side below //there you will get change photo option and browse the pict you want to uplaod